Bunting Tutorial + FREE Pattern – Easy!

Bunting Tutorial – Easy!

Yesterday I received a request from a lady named Sharon asking if I could post a bunting tutorial along with a template if possible and then in the early hours of the morning my friend gave birth to a beauty baby boy – so good timing both if you!

So here it is!!
You will need:
Fabric for the front if the flags
Fabric for the back of the flags
Ribbon or fabric tape
Bunting Template (PDF)
Needle and thread or sewing machine
Now lets get to it!
I always use the same template when I’m making standard bunting you can print this Bunting Template (PDF). This template includes 1/2 inch seam allowance

Once you have printed or created your template you can use this to cut out the required amount if flags for your bunting – I have 5! If you want to add decorations or personalisation to you bunting now is the time!!


Next take the backing fabric and pin each flag to it right side down, close together as this saves waste and time on trimming later on!

Now begin stitching starting at the top of a long side of the flag


Continue all the way down until you are almost at the very bottom like this


Leaving your needle down, lift the foot and pivot the fabric before continuing to stitch all the way up the second long side


Continue to to do this until you have completed each flag


Now separate your flags and trim of the excess backing fabric


Turn the flags right sides out and point the corners before pressing flat with a hot iron


Now take a length of ribbon or fabric tape to suit the size of your bunting remembering to add extra for each end and also the gaps between flags. My ribbon is 1 inch wide


Fold in half along the length and press your ribbon or tape either with your finger or an iron to create a crease


You can either mark this strip or use the markings on your sewing machine to create the even gaps between the flags. I skip this and use my machine as my guide
Begin stitching the folded strip in place using a fairly small seam allowance remembering to backstitch at the beginning


Continue until you have the extra length you desire at the beginning then stop with your needle down and insert your first flag inside the folded strip so that the ribbon/tape encases the raw edges at the top of the flag


Lower your foot, make sure everything is still in line and continue stitching


Carry in sewing until you have added all of the flags and reach the end of the strip backstitch again at the end and trim any lose threads


And that is the bunting finished!



This is an optional extra that I like to use to tidy up the ends of the bunting and give it a more finished look! Cut 4 identical shapes approx 1″ wide and 1″ high – I am using a a bullet shape for this bunting!


I then like to stitch on little metal ‘handmade’ charms to each side also


You can either hot glue or hand stitch them in place at each end of the bunting to encase the ends of the ribbon/tape


All done!


This is the bunting in Jai’s bedroom!


Have a great day!!

Sammy xx

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